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Here I will take a little space and share about my philosophy of coaching. 

Coaching is one of the most intimate relationships you can hope to have with another person. It's important to know what's in your coach's heart, and to have a sense of their aims regarding you during the coaching engagement. Trust builds from a sensed of shared values.

This section is where I bare my soul and allow you a peek behind the curtains into what lights my fire about coaching individuals. Read on, and enjoy!

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My aim is to help people consciously individuate—to become who they are truly meant to be, to connect with their own inner knowing, and to come into relationship with their own unconscious, thereby marching to the beat of their own drum. I want them to be fully empowered and resonant with their values and life choices, living authentic, meaningful lives.

Coaching is a loaded word these days with myriad definitions. I gravitate toward this this one: A coach is somebody who assists another person to develop their awareness, capabilities, and resourcefulness.That deeply speaks to me about what I strive for as a coach. That’s not telling others what to do or how to do it, but rather supporting a personal development process that allows someone to become aligned with their own being and realize their unique dreams. 

Throughout the process, which we co-create together, you will learn more about yourself, your strengths, your capabilities, and discern what it takes to create the life you want to live. One of the tenets of coaching I embrace is the notion that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole—and your whole being cries out to be aligned with your deepest Self that is yearning to be acknowledged and allowed to express itself fully in the outer world.

During our mutual exploration I will be asking you questions that invite you to look into your heart and answer from your deepest self—questions like:

  • What is it you really want?

  • How might you get there?

  • What will keep the magick alive?

Coaching is a dance, and through our relationship we grow to trust one another as partners. We may step on each other’s toes occasionally, but we apologize and keep on twirling, in an ever-spiraling process of discovery. This facilitates a process of change, even as your wishes and dreams are expressed within our relationship container.


Together we create an intimate and cradling alembic for our work that amplifies your voice and demands that you bring all of you wholly into the dance.

Coaching may get emotional at times because it hurts to speak of disappointment and dreams we have given up on. It can feel fragile and precious, especially as we identify the gap between where we are and where we wish to be. That’s natural and to be expected. And there is strength in your vulnerability, in your willingness to talk about the hard things, and to look into the deepest shadows. It is by facing these challenges that you find the strength to overcome them. Keeping them hidden only makes you stuck and frustrated. By putting these wounded places out in front we learn what your soul is yearning for, and magickally manifest the resources to overcome your myriad trials and tribulations. (It’s a paradox.)

Coaching is a magickal, alchemical experience that awakens the imagination and sometimes calls forth guiding angels who will lead you forward into your future. That sounds a bit mystical I know, but it’s a truism in coaching that magick happens once things get underway. You tend to throw away your cynical “glasses,” trading them in for optimistic spectacles that support you in achieving your goals. As W.H. Murray paraphrased Goethe: 

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


Amazing, remarkable things happen when you follow your dreams, so don’t be surprised when you encounter angels!


The coaching industry boasts an extraordinary satisfaction rate: 96% of clients report being “more than satisfied” with their coaching experience. I believe it’s because it’s one of the few places in your life where you can really let your hair down and be fully “you,” with no pretenses. By working with a coach, you are likely to experience many of the following alchemical benefits:

  • more happiness, joy, and delight

  • greater self-determination and sense of fulfillment

  • an awareness of one’s values and the know-how to honor them

  • greater confidence, radiance, self-awareness, and personal power

  • deep inner wisdom and amazing, reliable intuitions

  • more personal agency, self-efficacy, and an evolved inner locus of control

  • an infusion of creativity and magick

  • rewarding relationships and stronger emotional intelligence

  • a greater sense of purpose and appreciation for the beauty in life

  • an enhanced intimate relationship with your soul

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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