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Values Discovery

This package helps you discover what you truly value in life.

The following 3:30 video explains more:

Why are Values important?

You often need to make decisions about your life directions:

  • What career should you pursue?

  • What should be your college major?

  • Should you accept that job offer?

  • Should you move to another city?


So, what’s the best way to make these decisions?

  • Leave it to chance; flip a coin

  • Consult your parents or friends

  • Online research

  • Choose the way that makes you seem cool, or popular, or impressive


There’s one other way — Values.

Everyone has their own unique set of values, and most people have no idea what theirs are, because values seem invisible and curiously unknown to us. And yet, values seem to be the most reliable pointer for choosing which direction is right for

What is included:

  • Values Assessment: A 2-hour session on the phone with Vicky Jo who will guide you through a structured series of steps that “mine” for your values.

  • Values Coaching Session: One week after the Values Assessment, a 45-minute telephone coaching session to explore the meaning of the values discovered, and how they apply to decisions you are making in your life.

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