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V.I.P. Approach

What is my V.I.P. Approach?

It can seem difficult making decisions when you are going through a transition such as a change in relationship, career, bereavement, deciding about college, or where to live.


If you’re struggling with something like this, I can help!


Together we will use my VIP Approach to uncover your true psychological Values, and then use Imagination and Personification so you can make informed decisions that inspire you to action.


First, we uncover your deeply-held psychological values using a structured program that explains the three domains of psychology and how they apply to you.  You will learn about the conative, affective, and cognitive aspects of your psyche, and understand how they shape your life.


The next phase involves the use of artistic approaches to unlock the power of your unconscious.  We will use drawings, doodles, dream images, and classical paintings to reveal hidden aspects of yourself.


The final phase of the process allows you to personify parts of your unconscious and engage in a dialogue with them.  "Parts Work" is a powerful way to gain access to the wisdom that's always been within you.

The Program

My V.I.P. Approach is modular, consisting of a combination of informative lectures, experiential exercises, and coaching conversations to guide you to a satisfactory outcome. Together, we map out a personalized plan that best suits your needs. You will emerge with a better understanding of yourself and confidence that you can make informed decisions that will positively impact your life.

Chemistry Session

I always like to be sure my clients are comfortable working with me, so I offer an initial interview session to see if we have "chemistry" together.

This initial interview session costs $25 which is reimbursed once you sign up for any of my services.

About Individuation Coaching
Coaching plans & packages
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Praise for my V.I.P Approach

D. Ashworth

I’ve gone to trained counselors in the past because I felt something was missing and that the problem was me, but for all the time I spent talking with them I never received as much validation and helpful information as I did Friday evening … my sincere thanks to Vicky Jo.

Sarah B.

You have a tendency to ask me these valuable thought questions which make me re-evaluate my assumptions — and not just about type but about my life in general. You encourage me to not just use my time I spend thinking alone to confirm what I already believe, but to consider other viewpoints before dismissing them. I like your insights, and I’ve always looked forward to getting them.

P. McIntosh

Vicky Jo has a gift for zeroing in on the issues at work beneath the surface of conflicts and confusion. With the help of her targeted questions, I was able to understand what was at the core of things I was struggling with and what choices *I* could make to improve the situation, regardless of what people around me were doing. Her approach is very empowering!

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