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Interactive Guided Imagery

How it can help

Do you feel like a zombie, at the mercy of other people’s whims? Does it seem as though you have no direction, no sense of purpose?


Is everything so “blah” that you have lost all relationship with fun, joy, or even your most essential values? Are you feeling gloomy, powerless, and hopeless, maybe dancing around the edges of melancholia?


Do you feel as though your life has no meaning?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to make a change and show up differently. You don’t have to be miserable. You don’t have to be powerless.


You deserve to feel the greater joy that comes from fulfilling your purpose in life and feeling like a success on your own terms. It’s your birthright. 


This process is sometimes called “parts work” and involves the exploration and understanding of different aspects or “parts” of an individual’s personality or psyche.  We often make reference to these parts in everyday language, such as when we say things like, “Part of me wants to get the house cleaned up and part of me wants to read a book.” Or, “Part of me wants to take a walk and part of me wants to take a nap.”  Other times we feel “taken over” by something, and we might say, “I don’t know what got into me!” We rarely think twice about making statements such as these.

What we will do together is identify these inner parts of yourself and have them communicate directly with your conscious self.  You will benefit from the wisdom these inner figures hold for you and they will become trusted inner companions you may call upon whenever you seek guidance.

This program consists of five sessions, each running about one hour.

During the first session, I will facilitate an interactive guided imagery session with you during which you will identify several of your inner figures.  During the second and subsequent sessions, we will discuss the significance of these figures and the wisdom they imparted.  If it seems warranted, I may take you into more interactive guided imagery sessions during these subsequent meetings. 

This five-session program costs $497 (with an option for payment in installments).

  Enroll with $497 one-time payment:

  Enroll with $167 payment per month for 3 months:

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D. Ashworth

I’ve gone to trained counselors in the past because I felt something was missing and that the problem was me, but for all the time I spent talking with them I never received as much validation and helpful information as I did Friday evening … my sincere thanks to Vicky Jo.

Sarah B.

You have a tendency to ask me these valuable thought questions which make me re-evaluate my assumptions — and not just about type but about my life in general. You encourage me to not just use my time I spend thinking alone to confirm what I already believe, but to consider other viewpoints before dismissing them. I like your insights, and I’ve always looked forward to getting them.

P. McIntosh

Vicky Jo has a gift for zeroing in on the issues at work beneath the surface of conflicts and confusion. With the help of her targeted questions, I was able to understand what was at the core of things I was struggling with and what choices *I* could make to improve the situation, regardless of what people around me were doing. Her approach is very empowering!

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