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Unlock Your True Potential during this Experience


Ever felt like you’re an undiscovered masterpiece? Like there’s a secret code to who you are, just waiting to be cracked? You’re not alone. And guess what? We’ve got the decoder.

🚀 Welcome to a Journey of Type Discovery! 🚀


Are you:

  • Bouncing between different versions of yourself?

  • Curious about what really makes you tick?

  • Ready to unlock the superpowers unique to your personality?


Your quest ends here.

Join me for a six-week odyssey during this Type Discovery program, specially tailored for young visionaries. 

Discover who you are through a blend of science, soul, and a sprinkle of magic.
💡 Illuminate your path, whether it’s college, career, or the complexities of relationships.
🌟 Shine as you learn to navigate life’s maze with your newfound type knowledge.

Why Us?

Because we know you’re more than a stereotype. More than a test score. More than a selfie.

Our program is like the GPS for your life’s journey, powered by psychology, packed with insights, and fun (because why not?). 

🔍 Week 1-2: Dig into the foundations of type theory and discover what motivates you most—no boring lectures, we promise!

🌱 Week 3-4: Explore your unique native energy and even identify your kryptonite.

🌈 Week 5-6: Learn what kinds of consciousness you excel in, and how to vibe with others’ types and create your dream squad.

- 📚 Interactive Modules (gamified, because learning should be fun)
- 📹 Live Q&As (with real humans, not robots)
- 📈 Personalized Insights (tailored just for you)
- 🗺️ Action Plans (because knowing is only half the battle)

Ready to meet the real you?


Let’s light up that path to your potential.

👇 Hit one of these sign-up buttons. 👇


Purchase the program for a one-time fee of $1,427:

Pay three monthly installments of $497:


What’s Your Secret Code?

About the program
Type Discovery Program Details



Black Chess Pieces

Essential Motivators

Week 1-2

Ever wonder what really drives you? In this module, we dive deep into Essential Motivators, a time-tested approach that unveils your core needs and values. This isn’t just about what you do—it’s about understanding why you do it. We’re tapping into the “conative” domain of psychology, which explores your will and unconscious motivations—areas that often don’t get enough attention but are crucial to knowing who you truly are.

With insights drawn from the expertise of Drs. Keirsey and Berens, we’ll decode the hidden forces shaping your decisions and behaviors. Get ready to uncover the real you, the one that operates beneath the surface, driving your passions and pursuits without you even realizing it.

This segment includes:

48-page booklet
2-hr. interactive webinar
follow-up coaching session
graphic template fieldwork


Tango Dance Couple 2


Week 3-4

Think about the people in your life—your friends, family, significant other, classmates, or coworkers. The way you connect and communicate with them shapes every part of your day. In this module, we focus on how to master these interactions to make your journey through life smoother and more fulfilling.

We’ll explore Berens’ “Interaction Styles,” a dynamic model inspired by Marston’s Social Styles research. This isn’t just theory—it’s about practical strategies to improve your relationships and expand your influence. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your friendships, enhance family bonds, or thrive in the workplace, understanding your interaction style will give you the tools you need to navigate any social landscape with confidence.

This segment includes:

40-page booklet
2-hr. interactive webinar
follow-up coaching session
graphic template fieldwork


Stain Glass Windows


Week 5-6

Ready to get to the core of your psychology? This module takes you beyond the basics into the depths of Jung’s groundbreaking theory of psychological types—(it forms the foundation of the MBTI). Instead of just handing you an assessment, we’ll explore the eight cognitive processes that Jung identified, bringing each to life so you can experience them first-hand.

This is not about labels; it’s about discovery. We’ll delve into how these cognitive processes shape the way you think, feel, and react in different situations, offering you a unique lens to view yourself and the world. By understanding these inner workings, you’ll gain insights into why you do what you do and how you can harness your consciousness to thrive in any aspect of life.

This segment includes:

Two 30-page booklets
2-hr. interactive webinar
follow-up coaching session
graphic template fieldwork


Program details

Typology Expert and Author

Vicky Jo has cultivated a rich knowledge of personality type theory, particularly the value of drawing upon multiple frameworks. She has helped edit a number of my books, and I have found her insights and suggestions invaluable.


To know “The Other” we must know ourselves. In other words, to understand and deepen my relationship with God, understanding who I am and the gifts I have been given is essential. Vicky Jo, the information you gave me in our recent session is invaluable in my spiritual quest. I could utilize the knowledge immediately in my position as a pastor, and I continue to “ponder and wonder” over the insights you provided. Thanks for your time and your enthusiasm—I hope we can talk again soon! Peace & blessings…

I’d taken personality tests before, and thought I “got it” —but now I know they only scratched the surface of the insights that are available to all of us through this work. Looking deeply into my type, with Vicky Jo’s support and guidance, was both validating and eye-opening. I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about investing in self-discovery partner with a professional, and Vicky Jo is at the top of the personality assessment field, combining a warm coaching style with years of dedicated research and expertise.

Lutheran Church Pastor

JenniferInc Coaching

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