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What is Individuation Coaching?

Do you feel like a zombie, at the mercy of other people’s whims? Does it seem as though you have no direction, no sense of purpose?


Is everything so “blah” that you have lost all relationship with fun, joy, or even your most essential values? Are you feeling gloomy, powerless, and hopeless, maybe dancing around the edges of melancholia?


Do you feel as though your life has no meaning?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to make a change and show up differently. You don’t have to be miserable. You don’t have to be powerless.


I’m Dr. Vicky Jo, and I can help you. It’s not your fault that you are feeling dismal. But it will be your fault if you do nothing to change it. The time has come to fulfill your destiny and give your life meaning. It’s not too late.


I’ve been there. Even after learning about myself and encountering valuable information about my values and motivations, I still felt “stuck.” I read tons of self-help books, but was still at the mercy of my circumstances and what other people wanted.


One day I hired a Life Coach who asked me, “What do you want?  How do you want it to be?”


I was gobsmacked. No one had ever asked me that before. Everyone wanted to line up and tell me what to do (or think or say or believe).


Long story short, coaching achieved what three therapists, a mountain of self-help books, and even learning typology did not accomplish. This was the beginning of a long journey for me, and I haven’t reached the end of it yet!


You deserve to feel the greater joy that comes from fulfilling your purpose in life and feeling like a success on your own terms. It’s your birthright. 

What is “Individuation”?


Individuation is the process of becoming who you truly are in every realm of your being. The idea of “individuation” dates back to a sixteenth-century alchemist who spoke of the principium individuationis, which describes the manner in which something is identified as distinguished from all other things. Enlightenment philosophers believed that each individual human had an original way of being in the world, and Jung pioneered the application of this principle to psychology.  Jung asserted that the goal of individuation for a person to become a unique and indivisible whole being.


Most of us are more developed on the outside than we are on the inside, so I tend to focus on the inner bits to start with. Once we get clear on our values and develop a relationship with our higher self, we are in a better position to move out into the world and consciously continue our individuation journey there. The slow work of coming to terms with the inner self allows us to move fast when we begin focusing on our outer self. It remains a touchstone that keeps us always on track.


Individuation is about achieving your potential and becoming who you are capable of becoming. Few of us are able to achieve this on our own, and having a sounding board and accountability partner to walk the path by our side improves our chances and accelerates the process. This is the purpose of individuation coaching, and I offer a variety of tools and strategies for inducing individuation.


If we've never met, right now I am offering an economical “chemistry session” to see whether we mesh with one another and determine if you are a good match for my Individuation Coaching program.  We will spend 30 to 45 minutes chatting in order to establish a plan of action together.  Click the button below to get started.

About Individuation Coaching
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Values Discovery

Two sessions

What is truly important to you?  Knowing the answer to this critical question helps you to make vital decisions in your life.  This program guides you through a simple, structured approach that phenomenologically identifies the values that matter to you. These values are your very own, not arbitrarily selected from a predefined list and choosing what looks good in the moment. This experience has you really claim and “own” the values that are uniquely yours.


4-hour interactive webinar
follow-up coaching session


hand presenting

Future Self Visualization

Two sessions

This process uses Guided Active Imagination to put you in touch with the wisdom of your Future Self, the higher part of yourself that is enlightened and astute about your journey. The Future Self is an inner figure that knows you better than anyone.

You will benefit from the wisdom your Future Self holds for you and they will become a trusted inner companion you may call upon whenever you seek guidance.


1-hour interactive webinar
follow-up coaching session


Digital Mind


Ten sessions

This creative and innovative approach graphically “maps” the process of our coaching. We start with where you are in your life and capture how you want it to be.  By fleshing out “maps” that reflect the content of our work together, you will visually be able to see the big picture of the trends of your lifespan. Then we will identify and work on the threads that arise during this process by filling out more maps that will determine your choices going forward and help your alignment.


18 color printed worksheet "maps"

10 coaching sessions




One-off coaching session

Whatever issue or decision you are facing, I’m available to work through it with you as a sounding board and accountability partner. It won’t be as deep as it could be from working together for a while and conducting type discovery, but we can make some progress and possibly relieve some pressure in the moment, freeing you up to make choices about your next move.


One or more 45-minute coaching sessions.


Colorful yarn


Discounted for 5 sessions

The value of coaching accumulates exponentially over an extended period of repeated contact between the coach and the client.  This allows us to establish a trust relationship and go deeper.  You can save a “bundle” by purchasing a bundle of coaching sessions.  I offer a 20% discount if you purchase five sessions at once, with no restrictions that they must be used up within a limited timeframe.


Five coaching sessions at a discounted rate



Colorful Carnival Ride



Once your psychological type preferences have been validated, we can use that as a coaching framework to lean into and expand upon so that you may achieve your potential, as well as explore issues pertaining to personal growth, relationships, and career matters. We will be able to call upon the three models explicitly and use that language to look deeply into where you feel frustrated or stuck.


One or more 45-minute coaching sessions


Waiting Area


Three sessions

This program includes a Career Values card sort, a Motivated Skills card sort, and a Occupational Interests card sort.  During each card sort, we have a coaching session to debrief and explore your results in depth. This will provide you with quick and useful insights into what direction you need to be heading.


Three real-time card sort / coaching sessions via Zoom



Couple Holding Hands


For 2 people

This form of coaching draws upon my experience in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) which defines any relationship as an interwoven, organic system.

The kinds of relationships that may be coached include romantic, familial, friendships, or organizational. Please contact me to discuss a custom-designed solution that fits your particular configuration.


Laser coaching on interpersonal dynamics

As quoted


Family & Team Coaching

For 3 to 12 people

This form of coaching is tailored to suit you. It may commence with my Type Discovery program; it may utilize Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC); and it may also include one-on-one Individuation Coaching.  Please contact me to discuss a custom-designed solution that will suit the challenges of your particular configuration.


Laser coaching on interpersonal dynamics

As quoted

Coaching plans & packages

D. Ashworth

I’ve gone to trained counselors in the past because I felt something was missing and that the problem was me, but for all the time I spent talking with them I never received as much validation and helpful information as I did Friday evening … my sincere thanks to Vicky Jo.

Sarah B.

You have a tendency to ask me these valuable thought questions which make me re-evaluate my assumptions — and not just about type but about my life in general. You encourage me to not just use my time I spend thinking alone to confirm what I already believe, but to consider other viewpoints before dismissing them. I like your insights, and I’ve always looked forward to getting them.

P. McIntosh

Vicky Jo has a gift for zeroing in on the issues at work beneath the surface of conflicts and confusion. With the help of her targeted questions, I was able to understand what was at the core of things I was struggling with and what choices *I* could make to improve the situation, regardless of what people around me were doing. Her approach is very empowering!

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