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What is SHIFT-IT Coaching?


SHIFT-IT is a seven-stage coaching process that helps you gain clarity and focus about what you really, really want (in whatever area(s) of life matter most to you). It helps you figure out how to get or manifest those desires. Along the way, this process also teases out and works with your belief system—it helps you break through the limiting psychology (attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, assumptions, etc.) that keep you stuck in your comfort zone. This powerful coaching process helps you break through barriers in order to enjoy a life that really suits you and brings you satisfaction, joy, and happiness.


The process is a past, present, future kind of process. First you will look at your past ... then your present ... and last, your future. Then you can bridge the gap between your present reality and your desired future—by creating an action plan of steps and tasks.


All of this is done in a visual format, so you literally SEE your thinking. We will get it all down on paper in one central place. This way you get organized and really clear about your evolutionary story—galvanizing your energy in order to make a breakthrough leap to a better life.


There’s a reason why a picture is worth a thousand words. Research shows that 87% of people are Visual Thinkers. Visual materials speak to us at a soul level and impact us more deeply than mere words do. 


Different people have different things they desire to shift in their lives. Some people are doing well in their business or professional life, but want to shift their personal realm. Others are the opposite: they’ve got their personal lives in order but their professional sides could use some up-leveling.


People come to SHIFT-IT work the same way they come to most coaching work—when they are experiencing some level of angst or dissatisfaction. It might be in the area of money, prosperity, or abundance. Or in the domain of health, body, or fitness. Or in their desire to create better relationships or more satisfying and creative work for themselves. Whatever it is, there is a desire to have more, be more, or change their lives in some significant way.


A combination of many elements often conspire and come together, forming a chronic, low-grade sense of unhappiness or boredom. Life cries out to be expressed in a better, bigger, and more satisfying way. It signals a readiness to listen to your life and break through to a more satisfying existence.


Operating Premise: You Are Creative, Resourceful and Whole


As a SHIFT-IT Coach—I KNOW you are creative, resourceful and whole. And that you—and only you—have the best answers for yourself. My job as a coach, and as the facilitator of this particular process and set of tools, is to help you literally DRAW those answers out of you. You are not broken. You are not bad. You are not wrong. You and your life don’t need fixing. You are mid-process in your evolution—the next chapter is on the brink of being written (by you!). You are brilliant. You are wise. You know what’s best for you. So trust yourself and trust this process ... be guided by the answers that want to come forth from you. We will midwife them into the world and help them be born.


Law of Attraction Principles


Embedded in SHIFT-IT are a number of metaphysical principles, particularly in the “Focus on the Future” and “Trouble at the Border” stages. In order to manifest a new future, one must first envision it and then one must allow it. Many books have been written extolling this axiom. If Law of Attraction principles are new to you, more information will come to you around this philosophy later on in your process.


Our Coaching Alliance


Since its inception, the SHIFT-IT process has been used with thousands of people from across the globe... it works! As your Certified SHIFT-IT Coach I will help you work the program so that you do all seven stages of the process and find greater clarity, passion, and a new reality ... that you listen to and honor that little or quiet voice within you that is whispering what you really, really want (even if what it says scares you or seems too big or impractical). You are invited to pay attention to that softer side of yourself that knows who you really are and what you are capable of creating for yourself


SHIFT-IT work isn’t easy; it takes discipline and commitment. It is a deep process. It brings up deep things—hopes, excitement, anxiety, doubts, and probably some well-intentioned fear and resistance. That is normal. That is what good coaching is for, and why I am here for you as your coach. Together we will face those natural resistances and gently but surely work through them!


We will persist. The process has been broken down into manageable chunks. We’ll take it one step at a time and keep with it. It may be somewhat scary or apprehensive to face what you truly want next for yourself—to find out what it is and tackle the inevitable doubts about whether or not you can do it. However, nothing can be born without first being dreamed and envisioned, so be brave and dream a bigger dream for yourself. The universe supports intrepid people who go for it—so go for what you really want. You’ll feel satisfied when you have completed your whole SHIFT-IT process, and be delighted that you did it!

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