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What is it?

When an issue is stressing you or you have an important decision to make, you seek expert advice.  But Jungian psychology posits that the solutions to issues we face are to be found within the psyche.  Rather than having a coach or consultant tell you what to do, it’s more powerful if you can find the answers within yourself; within your own unconscious.

The unconscious often communicates with the conscious psyche via images.  Recognizing and understanding these images requires “Imaginal Intelligence,” which is a combination of picture interpretation, guided active imagination, unconscious doodling, graphical mapping, and functional personification.  This program introduces you to several ways you can develop your Imaginal Intelligence and find the answers you’re seeking.

The program consists of 5 sessions, each of 90 minutes duration.  Each session combines lectures interspersed with experiential exercises.  The total cost of the program is $857.


Session 1: Symbolon Reflection Exercise and Feedback
You will be presented with a classical painting and asked to identify with elements found within it.  A coaching dialogue follows during which you amplify your role in relation to the elements you chose. 

Session 2: Graphical Mapping
I will show you a series of mapping templates on screen and ask you questions that allow me to fill them in with details from your own life.  A discussion will follow about the significance of elements found within the maps.

Session 3: Guided Active Imagination with Functional Personification
Imaginal figures will be invited from your unconscious psyche to engage with you in a facilitated conversation that will reveal answers to issues you may be facing. You will be encouraged to sketch a representation of each figure to aid in focusing.

Session 4: Shadow session
You will be asked to complete a free online “saboteur assessment,” which will be used during this session to encounter your unconscious directly and come to terms with how you will be together going forward.

Session 5: Doodle Interpretation and Consolidation
You will be asked to produce random doodles before this session begins and we will interpret them together.  Information gleaned from all 4 sessions will then be consolidated via a focussing session during which time we will celebrate our breakthroughs and agree upon next steps.

Total cost:
$857 one-time fee



$297 per month for 3 months



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