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I am the only type practitioner who guides executives through a personalized type discovery process in a private. intimate, confidential, one-on-one Zoom setting without feeling anxious and exposed in a group. You’ll have the opportunity to set the pace, ask complex questions, and be fully supported through a proven structured proprietary experience that doesn’t simply hand you an indifferent test result, but actually instructs you about elements of the model so you may apply them to real life—even as you find answers about who you are in the deepest part of your being.


You know this material is important and can provide you with a “North Star” to navigate your life by. So come and “know thyself” in a way that supports your unfolding and is tailored to your personal needs. The knowledge you gain from this program is immediately applicable to both your business and personal needs, and its impact is priceless.


This is NOT simple assessment-based feedback.

One of the oldest psychological traditions is the “tripartite division of human attitudes, or psychic functions: cognitive, conative, affective.” Evidence for it lies in the work of Aristotle, echoed by Augustine when he mentioned a similar threefold division into “knowing, feeling, and willing.”


These three psychological realms persist today, but usually without acknowledgment of the others between them, despite their interlocking parts. These domains are separate but interrelated. For this reason, it is a mistake to overlook any one of them when one is seeking to “know thyself.”

What is different about this program, and why it provides a richer experience than any one-off teambuilding event ever could, is that it explores all three of these realms in great depth and also reveals where they interlace. 

Its complexity is unavoidable, but we tackle these models with a deliberated, structured approach that ensures you will easily grasp the concepts being imparted, and ultimately “find yourself” within all three models.

This sort of self-knowledge is highly empowering because it is situated within a framework, and this helps you to find your own standpoint in the world, informing you about how to focus and move forward with your life. This is time well-spent!

The Type Discovery Process.png

What The Program Includes:

Three live Zoom instructional sessions of 2-3 hours duration on each of the following models:

  • Essential Motivators (Temperament) theory

  • Interaction Styles theory

  • Jung’s Cognitive Processes (which the well-known MBTI® is based on)

  • Three individual 45-minute follow-up coaching sessions

  • a 48-page illustrated workbook on Temperament theory

  • a 40-page illustrated workbook on Interaction Styles

  • a 60-page illustrated workbook on the construction of the personality type code

  • a 52-page illustrated workbook with detailed descriptions of all 16 personality types.

One-Time Purchase fee of $2,397

The Process in Detail

Following the journey displayed on the infographic above, here’s how we’ll move through the program together:

Week 1: Essential Motivators webinar (3 hours)

You want to know your own inner needs and values, and we’ll discover them using Temperament Theory, which has been around for centuries.  My take on it draws upon what I’ve learned from Drs. Keirsey and Berens and includes a 48-page workbook for your reference and my own homework exercises to lock in your learning.

Week 2: Coaching session (45 minutes)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and read the booklet on Temperament theory, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how you are personally motivated by your temperament preference.

Week 3: Interaction Styles webinar (2 hours)

Your sphere of influence includes others around you — whether it’s your life partner, your family, your community, or your workplace — the way you interact with others has a profound impact on how you navigate through your life.  In this part of my program, I draw upon Dr. Linda Berens’ “Interaction Styles,” which is based upon Marston’s Social Styles research.  Once again, I provide you with an abundance of materials in the form of a 40-page workbook and some worksheets that help you understand how this model works.

Week 4: Coaching session (45 minutes)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and read the booklet on Interaction Styles theory, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how you interact with others.

Week 5: Jung’s Cognitive Processes webinar (2 hours)

The third part of my program takes you into Jung’s theory of psychological types, which forms the foundation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.  But rather than just throw you into an assessment, I explain in detail the eight cognitive processes Jung identified, giving you the opportunity to experience each of them first-hand.  This is where “the rubber meets the road” — the core of your personality — the beginnings of understanding how your identity is shaped and how your psyche behaves in certain situations.  For this portion of the program, you’ll receive two booklets: one that explains Jung’s cognitive processes in detail, and one that maps all the preceding training into the familiar 16 personality types identified by the MBTI® assessment.  

Week 6: Coaching session (45 minutes)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and read the booklets on Jung's theory of psychological types, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how your psyche processes information and makes decisions.

One-Time Purchase fee of $2,397

Go Slow to Go Fast


When I filmed my segment with Buzzfeed about psychological types, I suggested that taking a assessment for type was a lot like having sex on a first date.  That’s because it gets intimate so fast!  Suddenly you’re in over your head. You’re not prepared; you aren’t ready! It’s all too deep. Afterwards, you end up backpedaling, trying to understand what happened and what it meant.  So much time and confusion is wasted wondering and deciding what to do about it.  How to be with it?


When someone is handed a type pattern prematurely, they quickly get lost in the labyrinth, especially if they have been provided with inaccurate and confusing results. It can cause more harm than good. 


When a professional guides you to a satisfying selection of your type pattern and reveals to you the intricate facets of typology, that knowledge is priceless. You went slow, so now you can go fast. Once you learn your type pattern, you also learn what your essential values are, and you can quickly and confidently make decisions about your career, your relationships, or anything to do with your values.  It becomes a foundation on which to live your life. Possessing that discernment is worth your weight in gold.

One-Time Purchase fee of $2,397

Warrant of Satisfaction


After the completion of the first module, if you are dissatisfied with your progress or feel the program is not right for you, let me know and I will refund your fee. Im a coach. I want it to be right for you, and if its not right, I want to make it right.

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