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Are you a Victim? A Persecutor? A Rescuer? 


These are roles defined by the Karpman Drama Triangle model, and they show up whenever there’s conflict.  As the drama unfolds, it’s common for you and others involved in conflict to take on one or more of these roles, and you may swap in and out of each role in turn.  It can become a never-ending spiral.

How can I break out of the Drama Triangle cycle?

This workshop will explain what’s going on in the Drama Triangle and will give you strategies to break out of the loop.  These drama roles are affiliated with functions defined by Jung’s theory of psychological type and also by archetypes defined by John Beebe’s “Whole Type” model.  You will be taught how these models affect the dynamics of the Drama Triangle you’re in, and how that knowledge can help you unravel it.

What does the program look like?

We will meet on a Zoom webinar three times, for one hour each session.

Session 1:

Get to know the Drama Triangle
Create images to represent each of the three roles
Step into each and feel what it’s like
Consider the Bystander role

Session 2:
Flip all the roles into their opposites:

  • Victim becomes ???

  • Persecutor becomes ???

  • Rescuer becomes ???

  • Bystander becomes ???

Create images to represent these new roles
Step into each and feel what it’s like

Session 3:
Introduce typology to the mix
Examine the typological/archetypal aspects of each role
Personify each of the parts and mine their wisdom
Coaching with powerful questions
Craft a plan for implementing
Wrap up


These three sessions can be run on separate days or can be run consecutively on a single day.

What does it cost?

The total cost for the program is $397



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