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Essential Motivators Special Package Deal

Why learn about Essential Motivators?

You want to know your own inner needs and values and we’ll discover them using Essential Motivators, which is based on Temperament Theory.  My take on it draws upon what I’ve learned from Drs. Keirsey and Berens and includes homework exercises to lock in your learning.

What The Package Includes

A live webinar instructional session of two hours describing the Essential Motivators model, along with several experiential exercises.

A one-hour coaching session to explore the applicability of Essential Motivators to your life.

A one-hour guided visualization session that will allow you to dive deep into your unconscious motivators.


One-Time Purchase fee of $477

Three Monthly Installments of $159

Go Slow to Go Fast


When I filmed my segment with Buzzfeed about psychological types, I suggested that taking a assessment for type was a lot like having sex on a first date.  That’s because it gets intimate so fast!  Suddenly you’re in over your head. You’re not prepared; you aren’t ready! It’s all too deep. Afterwards, you end up backpedaling, trying to understand what happened and what it meant.  So much time and confusion is wasted wondering and deciding what to do about it.  How to be with it?


When someone is handed a type pattern prematurely, they quickly get lost in the labyrinth, especially when they have been provided with inaccurate and confusing results. It can cause more harm than good. 


When a professional guides you to a satisfying selection of your type pattern and reveals to you the intricate facets of typology, that knowledge is priceless. You went slow, so now you can go fast. Once you learn your type pattern in its expanded range, you will also learn what your essential values are, and you can quickly and confidently make decisions about your career, your relationships, or anything to do with your values.  This becomes a foundation on which to live your life. Possessing that enhanced knowledge and discernment is worth your weight in gold.

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