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Interaction Styles Special Package Deal

Why learn about Interaction Styles?

Your sphere of influence includes others around you—whether it’s your life partner, your family, your community, or your workplace—and the way you interact with others has a profound impact on how you navigate through your life.  In this part of my program, I draw upon Berens’ “Interaction Styles,” an “affective” model based upon Marston’s Social Styles research.

What The Package Includes

A live webinar instructional session of two hours describing the Interaction Styles model, along with several experiential exercises.

A one-hour coaching session to explore the applicability of Interaction Styles to your life.

A one-hour Symbolon picture interpretation session that will allow you to dive deep into your unconscious interactions.

A booklet explaining the Interaction Styles model in depth.

A set of fieldwork templates to be filled in by you based on your own preferred Interaction Style.


One-Time Purchase fee of $477

Three Monthly Installments of $159

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