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Avert A Potential Crisis

Hey there, Cool Kid! I'm sure you've heard of the "mid-life crisis"... Well nowadays we're hearing about the "quarter-life crisis" -- that crisis suffered by individuals around age 25 (and even younger) trying to make life decisions about the course of their life going forward, and have no idea how to go about it.

I can help you, as I've helped so many others. I have tools and models to help you encounter your values, consider the best ways to expend your energy, and reveal where your strengths and primary interests are. You won't "know thyself" entirely (and you never will), but you will receive enough valuable information to feel confident about the choices you're facing.


For the past several decades, Fortune 500 Companies (and other firms) have availed themselves of a neat technology called the "MBTI," which has helped them address myriad issues with their employees. It has been immensely popular! 

That technology has not been readily available to the general public before, but we are helping make it available to YOU right now.

But this goes beyond administering a test and then abandoning you. (Because that's what usually happens in corporations: an outside consultant appears, gives everyone a test, teaches the theory and then has everybody play a few fun games about it. Then they disappear and are never seen again. True story!)

Speaking from decades of experience, I know that taking an assessment is only the beginning of a journey of learning and understanding about oneself. These tests might TELL you, but they will never TEACH you.

And that's where I do things differently.

My proprietary program takes six weeks to complete because it is extensive learning about the models that underlie and inform the test. 

Now if you spend more than five minutes on social media, you'll meet all kinds of people who have taken these tests -- lots of tests! -- and they still don't know accurately (without a doubt) what their true type pattern is, and worse -- they still don't KNOW THEMSELVES! The letters are close to meaningless because they don't understand what lies in back of them.

That's because the tests TELL you things, but they don't TEACH you anything. You will be stunned by how much there is to learn, and how many layers we examine during this type discovery process.

By completing my program, you will gain insights about whether or not to attend college, which college to attend, what to major in, and what interests are natural (and not just temporary).


My program tells you about your values to the point where you even know what kind of friends you should have, because it feels good to hang out with people who share similar values. You'll discover what kind of work you like to do and what sort of work and school environments best suit you.

Taking tests is also a passive experience. I will give you an active experience! We will be partners on your journey together, collaborating on the process so that you have the best adventure evar! We'll tell stories about ourselves, and I'll make sure you get your hands firmly around these ideas so you relate to them intimately and know how they apply to you.

I think of it as tuning your compass. (Yes, I know that you usually tune a piano, but we're tuning your compass.) We are going to find your personal True North Star, and once you have that, it will explain you to YOU, and you can navigate by it for the rest of your long, long life.

The decisions you make at your age impact everything going forward.

And you show such promise! I don't ever want you to look back on your life with regret. Let me walk gently beside you for six weeks, and your confidence will grow through the roof, it really will.

Since I have a satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Oh! And if you want me to talk to your parents about it, just email me and we can set up a group call to discuss matters. This is legit, on-the-level, in-your-best-interests stuff, so I'm delighted when your parents are on board. Let's do whatever we must to enroll their support in this project. Because I know they want you to be happy, and they wish for your promising life to turn out well too.

Let's collaborate to make the best and happiest "you" that we can!


Come and join me, Cool Kid!

One-Time Purchase fee of $1,957

...or Three Monthly Installments of $653

Type Discovery journey.jpg
The Type Discovery Process.png

Let Me Tell You What This Program Includes:

Three live Zoom instructional sessions of 3 hours duration on each of the following models:

  • Essential Motivators (Temperament) theory

  • Interaction Styles theory

  • Jung’s Cognitive Processes (which the well-known MBTI® is based on)

  • Three individual 1-hour follow-up coaching sessions

  • a 48-page illustrated workbook on Essential Motivators

  • a 40-page illustrated workbook on Interaction Styles

  • a 60-page illustrated workbook on the construction of the personality type code

  • a 52-page illustrated workbook with detailed descriptions of all 16 personality types.

One-Time Purchase fee of $1,957

...or Three Monthly Installments of $653

The Process in Detail

Following the infographic journey that's shown above, here’s how we will dance through the program together:

Week 1: Essential Motivators webinar (3 hours)

Most important of all, you want to know your own inner needs and values, and we’ll discover them using Temperament Theory, which has been around for centuries.  My take on it draws upon what I’ve learned from Drs. Keirsey and Berens and includes a 48-page workbook for your reference and my own homework exercises to lock in your learning.

Week 2: Coaching session (1 hour)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and peruse the booklet on the theory, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how you are personally motivated by your temperament preference.

Week 3: Interaction Styles webinar (3 hours)

Your sphere of influence includes others around you — whether it’s your life partner, your family, your community, or your workplace — the way you interact with others and expend your energy has a profound impact on how you navigate through your life.  In this part of my program, I draw upon Dr. Linda Berens’ “Interaction Styles,” which is based upon Marston’s Social Styles research.  Once again, I provide you with an abundance of materials in the form of a 40-page workbook and several worksheets that help you understand how this model applies to you.

Week 4: Coaching session (1 hour)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and browse the booklet on Interaction Styles theory, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how you interact with others and expend your energy.

Week 5: Jung’s Cognitive Processes webinar (3 hours)

The third part of my program takes you into Jung’s theory of psychological types, which forms the foundation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment.  But rather than just throw you into an assessment, I explain in detail the eight cognitive processes Jung identified, giving you the opportunity to experience each of them first-hand.  This is where “the rubber meets the road” — the core of your personality — the beginnings of understanding how your identity is shaped and how your psyche behaves in certain situations.  For this portion of the program, you’ll receive two booklets: one that explains Jung’s cognitive processes in detail, and one that maps all the preceding training into the familiar 16 personality types identified by the MBTI® assessment.  

Week 6: Coaching session (1 hour)

After you have had time to absorb the learning and read the booklets on Jung's theory of psychological types, we will discuss how the theory plays into your personal life with an emphasis on how your psyche processes information and makes decisions.

Assessment option

You may have noticed that an assessment is not included in this description. That's because I am teaching you everything that the assessment tries to measure secretly -- I tell all the secrets! So an assessment isn't necessary. But if your heart is set on taking an assessment, we'll talk about that during our fourth session together, and for a nominal fee I will include an assessment option. (By that point in the program, if you're like everybody else has been, you'll know you don't need it. But I'll give you that option anyway.)

One-Time Purchase fee of $1,957

...or Three Monthly Installments of $653

Warrant of Satisfaction


After the completion of the first module, if you are dissatisfied with your progress or feel the program is not right for you, let me know and I will refund your fee. Im a coach. I want it to be right for you, and if its not right, I want to make it right.

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