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An Article, an Appearance, and a couple of Animals

It's Dr. Vicky Jo here with some updates.

First I want to announce that I had another article published online -- this time about typology and the Conques tympanum, located in France. The article title is "A Tympanum in a Time of COVID: Confronting Chaos and Cosmos with Psychological Types."

It has an academic slant to it, but I introduce a great practical tool for using typology to make sense of life in the midst of pandemic conditions. The link to read it is here:

If you try out the tool I describe therein, I would love to hear from you about how it went! What did you discover? What did you learn?

Second, I'll mention that I'm speaking as part of an online symposium being put on by BAPT -- the British Association of Psychological Types -- meant to be a rebuttal to critics of the MBTI instrument. This is a FREE event held during evenings (in the UK) over 6 nights in June. 

It's a terrific opportunity to learn more about type research with a multitude of type experts, including Roger Pearman, Roy Childs, Carol Shumate, Dario Nardi, John Hackston, Angelina Bennet, Richard Owen, David Pool, and MEEE!

Separate sign-ups are offered for each event so you may pick and choose between them. (And if it turns out not to be your cuppa tea, you can simply logout and do whatever your heart desires instead -- yaaayyy for virtual symposia!)


At the moment we're in a village called Liphook that is located a couple of hours south of London. It's charming but rainy (big surprise!). We are caring for a large lovable dog named Benny who loves his tennis ball, and a sweet, cuddly cat named Mena who likes to perch on me while I'm typing. 

We are gearing up to celebrate Robin's upcoming BIG Birthday with a little adventure, but I won't spoil what we are planning -- you'll have to wait for a later dispatch to find out!

Until next week, Ciao!

warmly, -Dr. Vicky Jo

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