Autumnal sightseeing

It’s been a hustle-bustly time! Once again, I’ll beg you to send me luck, good vibes, and sweet wishes. I have submitted all of my documentation to be certified in a new coaching practice, and now I hold my breath while they evaluate my submissions and make a decision. Fingers crossed that I will hear good news in the next few days.

Now that Robin’s back and his eyesight is tip-top, we decided to go out and do some sightseeing again. We chose to visit a location known as 78 Derngate in Northampton.

This home is a masterpiece of Modernist architecture that was remodelled by Charles Rennie Mackintosh from an early 19th-century terraced house, and it has been called his most significant work after leaving Glasgow. Not only is 78 Derngate Mackintosh'