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Can a haircut be a landmark event?

This was a landmark week for me in a couple of waysone major and one minor.

Let me share the minor one first: I got a haircut!

I haven’t had a haircut since I was in Spain nearly two years ago. Can you believe it? Well…. there was that time during lockdown when I couldn’t take it anymore and I begged my husband to chop some of it off. He watched a few YouTube videos and then attacked me with the scissors. (It wasn’t as awful as it could have been!)

But yesterday was a bona fide sit-in-the-chair-and-leave-it-to-a-professional kind of haircut. Ahhhhhhh! What a relief!

Normally I would go out to dinner afterwards to celebrate and show it off. But with the UK being a Delta variant COVID hotspot we decided to forego that tradition this time. But my heart sings whenever I glimpse myself in the mirror now, and I feel more like myself again. It’s funny what a little event like that can do to lift one’s outlook on life.

The other event I mentioned is really the major one. It has been cooking for a while now and I’ve discussed it before: the book “Dialogicality” was released under a Creative Commons license featuring my contributions to the Dialogical Self Conference this yearyaaayyyy!

They only allowed me a week or so after the conference ended to get my chapter together, so it was challenging, but I chose to accept the challenge, and I’m feeling quite proud of this work, which characterizes personified Virtues and Vices as metaphors for our inner “parts.” It may feel a bit truncated since they limited me to 2500 words (and I used every single one of them!).

It marks a kick-off for this conception, which I related to my current travels abroad, particularly my encounters with ancient churches. Perhaps down the road I will do something more with this idea, but this chapter sketched out some initial thoughts at least. If you care to read it, it may be found by clicking this button:

(Feel free to share this link with others.)

If it stimulates something in you and you would like to talk about your own inner “parts” and how they are virtues or vicesI’m here for you! I’m already kicking off type discovery next week for a fabulous new client, and I would love to explore possibilities with you too. You can find the list of my services as always on DrVickyJo.comI would love to help you know yourself more deeply! Just reach out to me and we’ll set you up pronto.

Ciao for now!

warmly, -Dr. Vicky Jo

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