Well this has been a few crazy weeks! I have slept in five different beds (and one airplane seat) over the span of a week-and-a-half's time. That's disorienting! I've also cuddled four different cats, and still yearn for two of them. You would not believe all the insane logistics we've negotiated and navigated to get where we are. 

I've blown through multiple time-zones, weather-zones, and have landed in brand-new circumstances that were impossible to grasp beforehand, so I am floating on a bubble of intuition. It reminds me of the dandelion fluff I wear on a chain around my neck that entreats me to "make a wish and see what happens!"

Long story short, Robin and I are now in CYPRUS. Or, to echo my British Facebook friend: "So this is Cyprus."

This was my first plane trip since I flew to Paris from Spain back in 2019 to take care of the adorable cats Russell and Lucy. It was a bit nerve-wracking to fly again! Mostly because of having to wear a mask, climb a ladder from the tarmac onto the "no frills" jet with my carry-on, and produce a vaccination "passport" to a demanding official in order to be admitted