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Instagram has gotten dangerous

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A lot of people have been telling me lately that I should get more active with Instagram, so I’ve spent a bit of time hanging out on that platform.

I’ve discovered something about Instagram: It’s dangerous!

I’ve gotten my eyes filled with places I’ve been to and loved—everywhere from Paris and Barcelona to Hawaii and Tokyo.

Worse, I’m tripping over medieval churches, Romanesque carvings, and fantastical marginalia in illuminated manuscripts.

Plus tiny houses, van conversions, and Jung memes.

Somebody needs to come and brush the cobwebs off my rotting skeleton as I sit here with my eyes glued to the screen of my cell phone! (How do people drag themselves away?)

Okay, enough griping about that—let me change the subject.

THANK YOU for all the positive vibes, kind wishes, prayers, and good juju that you sent to Robin for his cataract operations. Both operations went extremely well, and he’s over the moon with how great things are and how vastly improved his vision is. I hope this selfie isn’t too creepy:

I’m sharing it because I thought it was fascinating how they taped these big plastic discs over his eyes for sleeping. He’ll be driving home today (yep, he can see well enough to drive already!), and I’m looking forward to some nice warm hugs.

Terry the Burmese cat has been keeping me company as best he is able. (He’s snuggled up against my left side right now as I write this.)

He does have bouts of being an enfant terrible though… For instance, he has a habit of walking around on my computer keyboard. I honestly think he’s jealous that something else occupies my LAP when perhaps he considers that his rightful place. Doesn’t he look like he’s pouting?

It’s a cliché, no doubt, but he’s beautiful even when he’s mad.

I eked out a bit of time to work on my book projects while Robin’s been away, and I feel somewhat optimistic about them. It feels like so much is already there, but they’re each like a giant jigsaw puzzle that needs to be assembled and smoothed out. If only I had an editor to cheer me on and encourage me—I might actually finish the doggone things.

While I was in a creative mode, I made a point of upgrading my old giveaway on my website and turned it into an infographic. It’s available for free under the “Booty” heading on my website menu (it’s the second item—click here to see it). You have my express permission to grab it and even share it around.

I was so pleased with the way this one came out that I created a second infographic and made it my brand new giveaway. This one is about “box versus compass”—describing the two ways we typically view psychological types. It’s in a pretty plum and pink color.

Since you’re already on my mailing list you won’t have access to it. But if you’d like to get it, drop me an email and I’ll make sure to email it to you. After all, you shouldn’t be penalized for being subscribed, right? That’s not fair.

I’m still working on adding some new services to my coaching… Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag in purchasing a few new resources because they want to see my credentials, which are in storage back in Los Angeles. I’m not sure how that’s going to play out yet—we’ll see!

In the meantime, I have some new openings in my coaching practice… I’ve had a number of nibbles around career coaching. (That’s no surprise, given how people don’t really want to return to work after this time of COVID.) If that’s something you’d like to explore, drop me a line! I would love to support you.


-Dr. Vicky Jo

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