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Juggling June

So I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks! Between editing articles for “Psychological Perspectives” and taking care of cute pets (Benny and Mena), I was also gearing up to present at the BAPT (British Association of Psychological Types) centenary symposium that I mentioned in my previous email.

They are celebrating 100 years since the publication of Jung’s book, “Psychological Types.” My presentation took a lot of work to pull together since I’ve been researching it for nearly two years and have found the topic unbearably complex. I decided to knock it into shape for this conference when we were invited to present papers—but of course I ended up with too much material that I ended up bowdlerizing at the last minute in order to fit my timeslot. If you wish to take in my presentation, a recording is available here:

…but my advice would be to wait until the article is published so that it unfolds in the way I originally envisioned it. (I also get the impression that I’m the only academic who took it seriously that we were asked to present papers instead of giving an ad hoc “talk,” so I feel awfully boring in contrast to the other presentations. I guess that’s the price for being conscientious.)

Of course—and wouldn’t ya know it—exactly one day before that difficult presentation occasioned my husband’s big birthday when he turned 70.

I have to ask myself how it came about that I ended up married to someone who is as old as my grandpa, because that’s around the age I remember my grandpa—and I certainly never wanted to be married to someone that old! In my own mind I am twenty-something, shiny and bright as a new penny.

We planned a wonderful getaway, however. The logistics were unbelievably complex, but suffice it to say we visited the quaint town of Canterbury, toured the cathedral, strolled around the village, popped into a couple of museums, and wrapped up our evening in a lovely dining establishment that dates from 1500. It was a wonderfully idyllic day with weather more reminiscent of California than Great Britain. 

Robin chose this site for his birthday outing because he had a high school teacher named Mr. Hudson who instilled a love of Chaucer in him, and Robin is able to joyfully recite passages from “Canterbury Tales” even now, decades later. It was thrilling for him to visit the location where it all went down, and I was delighted by the big grin on his face. 

Now I have to get ready for my next conference this coming week where I’m making a presentation at the virtual Dialogical Self Conference, this time on the topic of “I-Positions in the Psychomachia and Medieval Churches.” I don’t have to write this one up as a full paper beforehand, so it should take less of a toll on me. I’ll report on that experience in my next blog entry.

Until then, ciao!

warmly, -Dr. Vicky Jo

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