Cavorting in Coventry

THANK YOU for the luck, good vibes, and sweet wishes!

I passed! I am now certified as a Symbolon Reflection practitioner, and am authorized to conduct coaching by the means of several paintings that have been licensed through topnotch museums. Eeeeekkkk!

I find this form of coaching amazingly powerful, and I’m excited to start implementing it in my coaching practice. You should come and try it out!

Besides that momentous event, we are now in the run up to Halloween—I love Halloween! I miss seeing all the Halloween decor that is always so apparent in the USA. Today I wore my headband that has bats flying out of it. It may have been too subtle though, because I kept getting compliments on my “fascinator.” (I wanted to retort, “It’s not a fascinator! I have bats in my belfry!” But that may be too obscure.)